A Gust O' Wind Arabians

Teri Stahara
Route 2, Box 2038
Columbus, NC 28722
(828) 863-4569

A Gust O' Wind Arabians currently has two studs which are available for breeding. There are always horses for sale, and boarding facilities are available. The Arabian, because of its pure breeding for 3,000 years, is noted for certain characteristics. Stamina and strength are two that have made it the endurance champion among horses. The most grueling endurance ride in the world (the Tevis Cup) has always been dominated by the Arabian. The horse is also noted for its disposition, a trait of major concern to me. The Bedouins often kept their horses in their tents to discourage thievery by other desert tribes - the breed had to learn to cooperate! Noted characteristics developed in these desert Arabians were the wide forehead with eyes far apart to provide a wider range of vision and large hooves for dealing with the desert sand. This also resulted in a sturdier base for the body of the horse and larger joints which are less likely to break down under stress.

Breeding is a 15 month investment, at least. Attention to several factors will help ensure that you get the foal you desire. Please consider the horses of A Gust O' Wind Arabians if you are planning on breeding or buying. If you have any questions, please e-mail or call. I enjoy talking horses with people!

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